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women owned
veteran owned
minority owned

family owned and operated

Shared Stories Home and Remodeling was founded by long-time contractors Virgil and Claire Murphy, who have dedicated themselves to providing reliable, high-quality restoration and remodeling services in Maryland.

Before becoming an entrepreneur Virgil spent most of his life in the service and hospitality industry. Shortly after he enlisted in the Army for 6 years. Virgil has spent 5 plus years in the construction and insurance industry as an insurance adjuster, contractor salesmen and now owner of his own remodeling company. His main goal is to have the opportunity to offer all his loved ones an opportunity. In doing so he hopes that will allow them to always have the means and time to spend time together and share life with them.

“I grow up with a single mother and my sister. My goal is to make them proud and when able to, to support them until the end. I want to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones, not just over the holidays. Because of that we will continue and stay family owned and operated.

Claire was raised in Nashville, TN, before moving to Maryland she was licensed massage therapist and now licensed and practicing in Maryland. She also was a nanny and has always had a passion for helping people. She loves meeting new people in here day to day and that is what running Shared Stories allows her to do. Once she moved to Maryland she jumped right into the roofing industry, specifically, helping homeowners with their insurance claims. Being an entrepreneur and running a family owned business will allow her to build something for her future children. Not only a business, but the work ethic it takes to build it.

“Running a family owned business with my husband has always been a dream of mine as I have never felt the typical 9-5 lifestyle fit in my wheelhouse. I love what I do and I love getting to know the people I encounter through our jobs. I have always wanted to help people in a real tangible way and i get to do that with Shared Stories – Making people’s homes safe and designing them to fulfill their dream home.”

“It’s more than a business. Its servicing people and helping them achieve something they want in the process. It may not always be a fun or a quick process, but it feels and looks so good when its done. That is why we do it. Smiles come from each side once done. Thats is life. Thats Sharing a Story.